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We are Morar and we are in Moreno. Many ask us, but why in Moreno? Although the real question should be, And why not in Moreno?

Precisely this question, already daily, of believing that it is better to undertake a dream outside our territory, is what prompted us to give life to this project in the Buenos Aires suburbs. Give the residents of Moreno the possibility of enjoying a cultural circuit in the place where they live, strengthening the sense of belonging. Betting on a decentralized culture and for everyone. In a place where debate, exploration, enjoyment and the creation of new links are welcome.

As one of you said, Morar: it is Moreno as a verb in action. That is why for this project to make sense, it is important that you take ownership and want to be part of this adventure with us!

We are an innovative cultural organization that encourages and disseminates local creativity, empowering the community, consolidating the social and cultural fabric in our own territory.



Maria Lorena Castro

In 1993 he entered the University of Morón to study architecture, design, art and urban planning.


In 1999 he won the exchange scholarship to go on a research project for the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Valladolid, Spain. During those three months, it was also a stage of study trips through Europe, relating art, architecture and urbanism. In 2000 she received her degree as an architect. He also made several study trips to Latin America.

Cecilia Medina

I am an independent curator trained in Art History in Buenos Aires, Appraisal of Works of Art and Decorative Arts at New York University and curator at NODE Center for Curatorial Studies in Berlin.  

MORAR allows me to work on the dissemination of social and environmental problems from a vision of building an interdisciplinary and integrating social culture with a main axis: the way we inhabit the space.

Camila Lorena Castro

I study Psychology at the University of Buenos Aires. Joining the Morar team allows me to investigate different ways to take action, seeking answers and testing solutions with cultural tools to social problems.

I think a good starting point is to rethink ourselves. Putting questions on the table that bring us closer to what we aspire to. But all these paths are traveled together, that is why another of my challenges is to reach people from whom we can learn. But also of those who want to reflect with us.

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