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The Institute for Urban, Environmental and Regional Development IDUAR has recovered brick pieces from the vaulted ceiling of the Hall of the Honorable Deliberative Council.


This historic building of the Municipality of Moreno, was inaugurated in March 1912, coinciding with the work of the Mariano and Luciano de la Vega Hospital, today the property of the Nuevo Moreno Antiguo.


The bricks were removed because of the danger they represented. They had started to come off, as a consequence lacking proper maintenance. The structure was very damaged -by rainwater- and in a state of putrefaction, making it impossible to recover and requiring very high costs to execute and imitate the ancient vault. Therefore, in the context of a pandemic and without having the funds for their repair, the decision was made to remove them in order to guarantee the safety of the site.


The bricks were collected with great care, since they have more than 120 years of life, with the idea of giving them a symbolic and representative cultural use, based on current designs that allow us to recall the old while recognizing the heritage  municipal architectural.


From MORAR, taking knowledge of this finding from the invitation of the IDUAR Administrator, we proposed the realization of a circuit of sculptures located in the public space that makes the heritage visible and brings contemporary art closer to the residents of Moreno.


Inspired by the excellent experience that the Chaco Sculpture Biennial constitutes as an example of art in the territory, we designed an open call for all artists in the country to propose sculptures in a series of locations that will allow building a tourist route for Moreno at the same time that will lay the foundations for a great cultural event.


We have met with Mrs. Marina Bacin, General Director of Moreno's Art and Culture Programs, Mr. Leandro Hugo, Moreno Tourism Coordinator, with the IDUAR team and with Mr. Salvador Femenia President of the Moreno Merchants, Entrepreneurs and Professionals Union (UCEP). With them we have made progress in the design of the instances and the study of the feasibility of holding this Pre Biennial edition between March and April 2021.


IDUAR has provided us with the technical documentation of the sites that they already had in their archives and are progressing on other suggested spaces. Culture and Tourism evaluate the registration of the work production processes and their dissemination, as well as the  consolidation of a cultural tour and the closing and awards event. UCEP will be in charge of providing the awards for the artists.


Considering that part of the material of the works is patrimonial since its location is in the public space, they will belong to the inhabitants of Moreno in the same way that happens in Resistencia with all the sculptures that have been made in the 15 Biennials that have had place to date.


It has been agreed that both the areas of the Municipality mentioned as IDUAR will assist in the logistics of the production of the works and the transfer requirements of the artists.


In case the overcoming of the pandemic allows us, the concretion of the works will take place during a week (business days Monday to Friday), being the awarding on Saturday coinciding with an event for all the participants and the residents of Moreno with shows, food trucks, participation of local merchants and a tour of all the sites as a guided tour.

If it could not be done in person, the dissemination of the production of the works and the awards will be via streaming.

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