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My architecture is not an exotic architecture, but an Andean architecture that transmits identity and recovers the essence of a culture

Freddy mamani

 October 2021  -  April 2022 



Exhibition Photographs and original models

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Conference "Cholets: Urbanism with identity"

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Encounter fraternization of the Bolivian community residing in Argentina

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Freddy Mamani (Aroma, Bolivia, 1971) architect, creator of the cholets recognized as the new Andean architecture, points out that the work seeks not to impose the user, but to accommodate the architecture to society: “we have come out professionals to serve the user, not to make use of it ”.  


Mamani seeks a non-colonized culture that recovers its identity through an architectural trend. Cholets are a focus of interest for the Alto, for Bolivia and for the whole world.

El Alto was considered a dormitory town until the Cholets began to prove that this claim was wrong. The city of Alto has the largest fair in South America on Sunday and therefore, that day is the beginning of the week.

Mamani recognizes in the critics the wedge that allowed him to advance in his career and consolidate his convictions. That is why cholets have been exhibited all over the world, from Tokyo to Paris and from there to Las Vegas.

The cholets have a large room where they can carry out meetings, dance group rehearsals and share moments of encounter with food and drinks. The apartments are sometimes occupied by the owner's children and sometimes rented. The premises of the PB give rise to the booming commercial activity of Alto. And the chalet on the top floor is the owner's house. On average per year, about 40,000 people pass through each of the rooms.


Vibrant colors are a feature that echoes the lines and palettes of textiles. Cholets have life, they are to share: we all go forward together, let no one be left behind.

On this occasion, we propose to work for the first time the cholets with the Bolivian community that resides outside their country, through the realization of an event that brings together all artistic and architectural expressions. 

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